SAM - Scheduling and Administration of Maintenance Work
  • SAM - Scheduling and Administration of Maintenance Work

SAM - Scheduling and Administration of Maintenance Work

SAM is a very flexible software for the planning and documenting of regular and unscheduled events. This does also include the coordination of repairs and one-time works besides the mandatory regular inspections. 

The system can be implemented step by step due to its modular structure and can be adjusted to the individual requirements. This way, a maximum profit can be achieved. 

Modules you do not want to miss out on

  Organization und monitoring of all regular operations. Besides the monitoring of technical facilities, also training dates can be planned and documented.

  Documentation of unscheduled events.

  Generating an inventory of devices by registering the main data.

  Managing of a device, utilities or parts history.

  Implementation of maintenance and documentation requirements, e.g. HSE.

  Recording of operating data like consumption and operating hours.

  Creation of user defined reports regarding works, operation data and costs.

  Transparent and clear documentation for the external inspection

  Inventory management for spare parts with the documentation of usage and creation of inventory lists.

Working with mobile devices

  Data entry at point of creation.

  Instruction via the form on the PDA. All necessary information like for example characteristics with the inspection of a specific part are available.

 On-site-inspection of the entries for plausibility.

  Disclaiming of paper documents and manual entries later on.

  Through the usage of RFID-tags or barcodes, a more accurate and unforgeable identification of the test object (optional) is possible.

  Usage of ex-secured PDAs in the danger area and industry-usable
water- and dust-resistant PDAs outside or in the work shop.

  Reparation orders can be sent to the work shop directly by the driver.

Improve quality 

  Determination of tasks and responsibilities for inspections and maintenance as well as occurrences and deadlines.

Routines & unscheduled events

  Overview on time efforts and costs, planned and unplanned works, time- and expenditures.


  Integrate your objects and work instructions into your appointments. Colleagues will then see what kind of works have to be done on which object. 

Documentation on site

  The data and documents for the inspection will be received by WLAN on site. 


  Correct and clear documentation, information regarding efficiency.