DISPO – Road Cargo and Dispatch System

DISPO – Road Cargo and Dispatch System

DISPO has been designed to fully assist the dispatcher with his daily work while also considering the specifics of the business field. DISPO is not intended to replace the dispatcher – it does put him in the focus of an efficient processing of delivery orders. The reason can be found in the characteristics of the mineral oil business: e.g. the easy changing of a trip although the vehicle has already been loaded or first customers have already been supplied with their delivery. The dispatcher is well informed at any given time, the information for an optimized scheduling is displayed as compact as possible.

Designed as a complementary tool for logistics, it can be connected to different ERP-systems. Providing integration into different meters, DISPO also allows the integration of mixed vehicle fleets. Special Know-how in tank farms management enables a direct coupling with the tank farm (collection).

All tasks are handled by the scheduling agent in a mask. The important functions are easy to access via icons. The dispatch mask monitors for example the communication with the vehicles and the connection to the ERP-system. Thanks to intelligent filter options, search keys and sorting criteria, the tour planning is time-saving and efficient for the dispatcher.  

 Order visualization 
The maps installed in the system can visualize and display the selected orders. Different icon forms and colors are offering information regarding the product and the time of delivery. 

 Retail business 
Every order which has been entered into the ERP system is transferred to DISPO via an interface. Though, it is not relevant if one or more ERP systems are interfaced. Furthermore, a multitenancy-based handling is supported by DISPO. With the possible connection of the vehicles, no finished delivery notes respectively invoices have to be manually entered into the system anymore. Any data will be reported back to the ERP system according to the configuration (trip or order based).

 Gas station supply 
With a sophisticated calculation, it is secured that the gas stations will not run dry. There is also the optional possibility of connecting tank measuring systems as well as cashier systems. The adjustment of different parameters optimizes the supervision of supply quantities.  

 Freight cost calculation 
The freight costs are easily calculated with the entering of freight templates. The electronic transfer to the client does accelerate the cash flow.
DISPO has already integrated many statistics and reports. Via the analysis function of the individual masks (e.g. delivery note mask), it is possible to create individual reports. All data can be exported to Microsoft Excel.
Customized interfaces can be effortlessly integrated due to the flexible structure of DISPO.
 Fleet Management System FMS 
The FMS shows the current positions and destinations of all vehicles. The dispatcher can therefore decide on the best possible vehicle for a short-notice order. The FMS bus connection on the vehicle does deliver data regarding consumption, speed and milage amongst other things. 

  Construction site fueling 
The module covers all requirements to ensure a trouble-free fueling on construction sites. This starts with the clear identification of all construction site vehicles and ends with detailed reports for the construction company. 

DISPO Mobile Star

DISPO Mobile Star connects the vehicle with the dispatcher online and displays all information regarding tours, loadings and deliveries on the mobile device for the driver - even if the driver is in a dead zone. Via the connection of the meter or the scale (BARTEC, FMC, Horn, KWS-Scale etc.), it is possible to send specific data and receive delivery data back without having to enter data manually. 

The individual receipt printing completes the delivery process and the transfer of the data to the dispatcher is executed. Therefore, all relevant data is ready for invoicing in the superordinate management system without any delays. 


Vehicle connection

Transmission of tour data

Measuring technique connection

(Bartec, Horn, FMC, KWS-Waage etc.)

Navigation - GPS-Location

Electronic re-transfer to the ERP system

No manual input of delivery notes

Fast invoicing


dispatched liters per day


GPS positions per hour